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1.All drugs will be legal

     A. This will cause for there to be less HIV infections

     B. People who are addicted can feel safe to get the help they need

2. Abortions are legal and federally funded

3. Anyone age of 16 can get a gun

    A. people can feel safer

    B. criminals will be more afraid to commit crimes

4. We will ban all standardized tests

5. We will require schools to teach about taxes and balancing checks ect.

6. Speed limit grace

  A. you are legally allowed to go 10 above the speed limit but anything above is illegal

  B. If it is 25 MPH or less there is only a 10% speed limit grace.

7. Death penalty for 1st degree murder

8. Raising the federal tipped minimum wage

9. Bring back net neutrality

10. legalize assisted suicide.

11. Kik is better than Snapchat

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